Five Year Plan

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    ?Our 5 Year Plan

    The Trust has launched its five year plan focusing on 6 key priority areas that will achieve our vision of providing high quality care with wellbeing at its heart. Please click on the 6 coloured segments to watch a video outlining each of the elements.

    Excellence People Innovation Money Quality Sustainability

    Please follow this link to see the detailed version of our Trust Mission, Aims & Priorities

    Quality - Dee Roach, Director of Nursing

    Quality is our core priority and this percolates through all other areas. Quality is about giving people treatments that work (effectiveness), making sure that they have a good experience of care (caring and responsive), and protecting them from harm (safety) with services that are well led. 
    We will ensure that people who use our services are at the heart of everything we do and the people who deliver and support the delivery of services are motivated, engaged and proud to provide high quality, compassionate, continually improving care.

    We will empower people to share their stories so that we know how we are doing and we will listen to learn and to improve quality together. We will continue to strive to be the best that we can be by upholding our 8 quality commitments and 'I' statements which have been developed by our staff and people who use our services empowering everyone to embrace these personal pledges, for example:
        'I connect to my knowledge, skills and experience to deliver the best quality'.
        'I have the courage and strength to do the right thing'.
        'I go the extra mile whatever the situation, whatever the person'.
        'I am proud and privileged to work at Lancashire Care, my identity matters, I am valued'.

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    Sustainability - Sue Moore, Chief Operating Officer

    We have approximately 2.8million contacts with service users every year and we want to make sure that we not only deliver treatment in a timely way but that we ensure that care is provided in the most appropriate place. We are working hard to reduce waiting times whilst also increasing productivity within our teams to address increased demand for some of our services. One of our main aims as a combined Health and Wellbeing Trust is to provide integrated mental health and physical healthcare services and we will continue to look at innovative ways we can do this and get the best outcomes for the people we serve. This might be improvements to the location where a service is provided, to the types of support that we offer or by supporting people to stay out of hospital. We will also make sure that we can report on our performance and outcomes to the people who commission our services to enable decisions to be well made.  

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    Excellence - Heather Tierney-Moore, Chief Executive

    Patient feedback is really important to us and we want to hear from those who use our services.  We aim to ensure that the services are high quality and that people would recommend the Trust to their friends and family as a place to receive care. We want to work closely with our stakeholders and other partners to improve and develop new service models. We also know that the staff at Lancashire Care work hard to provide the very best care to our service users and ensure that a positive experience is had. We want to continue to strive for excellence in all areas of our work and share our good practice with the public and our partners.

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    People - Damian Gallagher, Director of HR & Transformation

    With over 6,500 staff we are one of the biggest NHS employers in the region and we want all of our staff to feel proud to work for Lancashire Care. Over the past few years we have been introducing an appreciative leadership approach throughout the organisation which will help the Trust to nurture a high performing environment and create the right culture for the delivery of care. We want to employ the best people and ensuring that staff at the Trust have regular access to training and development opportunities and receive feedback about the work that they do is crucial. 

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    Money - Bill Gregory, Chief Finance Officer

    With an annual turnover of over £300million we need to ensure that we provide the best value for money for taxpayers. In the current economic climate the NHS as a whole is required to make significant savings and at Lancashire Care we are working to review our services to make them as effective and efficient as they can be. We have developed 16 programmes of work which will drive quality whilst releasing savings across the organisation. The Trust is also continuing to explore opportunities to provide additional services both in Lancashire and outside the area. 

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    Innovation - Max Marshall, Medical Director

    The Trust continues to play a major role in supporting research and innovation and is dedicated to improving the health of its patients, service users and the local population. From video appointments with consultants to the latest clinical trials, developments in research and technology have increased the possibilities in which the Trust can improve healthcare delivery through innovation. As a Trust we want to support staff to think differently about our services and identify how innovation or research can improve them. We want to free up our staff to spend their time delivering services so enabling mobile working and utilising other technologies to release time to care will continue to be explored. We also want to make sure that the Trust's website is a useful resource to our patients so that they can locate their nearest service and access online information and advice about services and health conditions. 

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