Acquired Brain Injury

Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Service

Head injury represents an enormous health challenge.  In the UK, up to 1.4 million people attend Accident Emergency Department annually with head injury, 10% of whom require admission. The Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) service line sits within the Secure Mental Health Business Unit (SMHBU), as part of the Specialist Services Network. 

The service is provided through 4 in-patient wards within Guild Lodge. These clinical areas provide care in both Medium and Low levels of security for ABI/traumatic brain injury (TBI) service users. The service is able to accommodate 41 patients with high quality care being provided by 95 staff members of varying grades. This includes specialist Neuropsychiatrists and Neuropsychologists. 

How to access the service

This is not a self-referral service.

The referral criteria for the ABI service includes:

  • A history of ABI with evidence of discrete (quantifiable) injury to the brain
  • Current disabilities and mental health problems related to the ABI
  • Significant risk-related behaviours

The service is not suitable for people with degenerative or progressive organic disorders, major physical disabilities, or people in the immediate (‘post-acute’) phase of TBI. 

The referral form will be completed and then submitted to the Care pathway meeting which meet on a weekly basis. This meeting which comprises of a wide range of clinicians will consider all referrals submitted on a weekly basis. If a patient requires an assessment this will be completed by a team of Clinicians from within the ABI service.

Where the service provided

There are 4 in-patient wards situated within Guild Lodge that provide care for both ABI/TBI service users comprising of 41 beds and 95 staff members of all grades.

These clinical areas comprise of:

  • Bleasdale - Medium Secure
  • Whinfell - Medium Secure
  • Langden - Low Secure
  • The Hermitage - Low Secure/Stepdown

How to contact us

All Clinical areas can be contacted using the ward name followed by the address details below.

Guild Lodge
Whittingham Lane
Nr Preston

Bleasdale Ward
Tel: 01772 773640

Whinfell Ward
Tel: 01772 773642

Langden Ward
Tel: 01772 645635

The Hermitage
Tel: 01772 773692

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Carer's Strategy Leaflet

01772 773692
01772 645635
01772 773642
01772 773640

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