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What does it mean to be breastfeeding friendly?

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The way we feed our babies makes a big difference, and we know that this impacts on babies wellbeing from birth and lasts a whole lifetime, and we would like your support with this.

A mum should never be made to feel uncomfortable about breastfeeding her baby , in fact the Equality Act 2010 has made it illegal for anyone to ask her to stop feeding your baby or leave a public place, it is a child’s right to be fed where ever they are hungry. Ok so we know that a mum can feed her baby where ever she likes, however to further support this across Lancashire public venues have been signing up to Breastfeeding Friendly Scheme to show their support for breastfeeding out and about.

If you wish to either sign up or find out more about the places that are signed up, please click here

We would like to hear your feedback on the scheme and any experiences you have had whilst visiting a breastfeeding friendly place, nursery or school, 

Breastfeeding Friendly Places


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West Lancashire

Fylde and Wyre


Breastfeeding Friendly Schools


Please click the link below to access Schools and Colleges who are signed up to the Breastfeeding Friendly Schools and Colleges Scheme

Baby Friendly Schools and Colleges


Breastfeeding Friendly Childcare

Going back to work may be the first time you are separated from your baby for long periods of time. It can be a difficult time for you both. Continuing to breastfeed/provide breastmilk is one way you can maintain the close relationship between you and your baby.

Childcare providers across Lancashire are signing up to support you to return to work continue to provide breastmilk and breastfeed your baby.

Click here to find out more about other mums experience of returning to work and breastfeeding


Please click the link below to access childcare providers who are signed up to the Breastfeeding Friendly Childcare Scheme

Breastfeeding Friendly Childcare across Lancashire


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