CAMHS Inpatient Services

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    CAMHS Inpatient Services

    Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) Tier 4 services provide inpatient and outreach services to adolescents and families who are resident within Lancashire and South Cumbria and who have acute mental health difficulties.

    CAMHS Tier 4 services provide a specialist clinical service in order to enable CAMHS Community to meet the needs of children and young people with complex difficulties. The provision is based on an inpatient facility, with services providing assessment and a range of specialist treatment packages and interventions, as well as a consultation service to CAMHS professionals.

    Inpatient Services are provided at:


    CAMHS Tier 4 Outreach Service

    The CAMHS Tier 4 Outreach Team is a service which is complementary to the inpatient services for young people between the ages of 13 and 18 years. Consultation and joint assessments can be offered to all Community Mental Health Teams and support regarding potential referrals to CAMHS Tier 4 services. 

    The Team provides a focal point, co-ordinates and provides an assessment for referrals to CAMHS Tier 4 services; attending all reviews and CPA meetings including those for young people placed in other CAMHS Tier 4 services Out of Area. The team can provide additional and essential support to prevent admission, with short term Outreach support for young people, in conjunction with the CAMHS Tier 3, EIS and Adult Mental Health teams. The team are also able to provide additional therapeutic support from experienced clinicians within the CAMHS Tier 4 service.

    The CAMHS Tier 4 Outreach Team provides an Eating Disorder service to support local CAMHS Tier 3 teams with complex presentations by providing specialist therapeutic input.

    The Team play an active role and participate in the discharge process for young people from CAMHS Tier 4 services and can offer additional Outreach work on discharge for a time limited period.


    Independent Advocacy is provided to all our young people throughout Tier 4 by our Advocacy Service, Real Advocacy and this will be offered to all young people

    Where this service is provided

    The Service covers the CAMHS inpatient areas at The Junction in Lancaster and at The Platform in Preston. The area covered is the LCFT catchment area for both inpatient areas and additionally South Cumbria for The Junction age group. 

    How to contact us

    The Cove
    Plover Drive
    LA3 2SL

    Tel: 01524 550360