Criminal Justice Liaison Team

Criminal Justice Liaison Team

The Criminal Justice Liaison and Diversion Service is a service line that is part of the Offender Health Business Unit. The service is delivered primarily within every Police Custody Suite across the Lancashire Constabulary area, these being Blackburn, Blackpool, Burnley, Lancaster, Preston and Skelmersdale. The service also provides assessment clinics across the National Offender Management Service (Probation Services and Approved Premises).

The service also provides specialist mental health support to a number of safeguarding initiatives, namely MAPPA (public protection), MARAC (domestic violence), ASBRAC (anti-social behaviour) and Channel Panel (counter terrorism) and Revolution (reducing re-offending boards).

The remit of the service is to undertake assessments in police custody for persons who have been arrested, and dependent upon the outcome of the assessment, the practitioner will either facilitate the diversion of the individual away from the criminal justice system and into health care, alternatively the person will be referred on to other services that will provide support or care whilst they continue to be dealt with by the criminal justice system. We are also developing court related services (currently only Preston Magistrates) that would provide greater support to the magistrates and access to mental health services for those persons who find themselves before the court. We are developing processes that would also put in place the option to the court to utilise Mental Health Treatment Requirement Orders.

Similarly the assessment clinics provided to the National Offender Management Service (NOMS) will assist persons to access mainstream mental health services if indicated, or alternatively assist offender managers to support those persons whom they are case managing.

Our role with regard to the safeguarding initiatives is to share appropriate information within a multi-agency forum in order to identify and manage risk. To provide professional knowledge relating to mental health and to advise of referral and care options for the different agencies.

How to access the service

All our referrals are received from within the Criminal Justice Agency settings; Police Custody Suites, Courts and NOMS.

We accept referrals from any Criminal Justice Agency, Solicitors, Health Providers, Substance Misuse Services, Concerned or Interested Person and Self-referral.

The age of entry to our service is over the age of 16 years, there is no upper limit. The individual must be in either a police custody suite, in attendance at Court, be under the supervision of NOMS (on probation) or be resident at one of the 3 NOMS Approved Premises (Edith Rigby House, Preston; Highfield House, Accrington; Howorth House, Blackburn).

All assessed persons who are in need of further interventions will be referred by the team to other appropriate services utilising existing care pathways for those services which could include Hospital Admission, Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team, Step 2 or 3 Primary Care Services, Substance Misuse Services, Prison Health Care Services, Third Sector or Voluntary agency Services and GP Services.

Where this service is provided

The Criminal Justice Liaison and Diversion Service is predominantly an Agile Service with services being delivered out of Police Custody Suites, Probation Service Offices and Approved Premises.

Central Lancashire: Preston Police Station, Skelmersdale Police Station, Preston Probation, Chorley Probation, Skelmersdale Probation, Edith Rigby House - Approved Premises, Preston,  Magistrates Court, Preston

East Lancashire: Blackburn Police Station, Burnley Police Station, Blackburn Probation, Accrington Probation, Burnley Probation, Nelson Probation, Highfield House - Approved Premises, Accrington, Howorth House - Approved Premises, Blackburn

North Lancashire:  Blackpool Police Station, Lancaster Police Station, Blackpool Probation, Fleetwood Probation, Lancaster Probation

How to contact us

The Admin for the teams are located in 3 areas across Lancashire:

Central Team
West Strand House
Block C
West Strand

East Team
Burnleywood Resource Centre
Brunswick Street
Off Todmorden Road
BB11 3HX

North Team
The Gateway
Blackpool Stadium
Seasiders Way
FY1 6J


Central Office
Tel: 01772 647156


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