The Pennine Lancashire Mental Health Unit

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    Inpatient Services for Pennine Lancashire

    The Pennine Lancashire inpatient service will be provided from the Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital site at Hillview and Pendleview. This follows enhancements to the existing service over the last few years and plans to consolidate all beds for the area there. Extensive work will be undertaken to accommodate 12 assessment beds to be transferred from Burnley to Hillview and the inpatient service will then move off the Burnley General Hospital site.

    Land adjacent to the main Royal Blackburn site had been identified for a new development and the Trust had secured an option to purchase this land. However, due to the current economic climate, all NHS Trusts are now required to make the best use of resources and existing estate and other options had to be explored. Therefore the decision has been taken to make investments to improve the existing facilities at Blackburn and this will serve to enhance other developments that have been made there recently including improved accommodation for older adults and the provision of a crisis support unit.

    The decision to provide the mental health inpatient service for Pennine Lancashire from the Royal Blackburn Hospital site was reached following an options appraisal by the Trust and its commissioners. This took into consideration previous consultation and engagement, the Sustainability and Transformation Plan for Lancashire and South Cumbria and the requirement to make the best use of resources.

    The Model of Care

    The Trust and commissioners have always been clear that the future model of care will be community based, supported with a pan-Lancashire network of beds.

    Inpatient services are important and necessary for those people who are not well enough to be supported in the community and it is important to highlight that this is a small minority of the whole population and the majority of people can be supported by community teams. The Trust has an extensive range of services to support people with mental health problems in the community. Please visit our directory of services to see what is available in your area.

    The focus for the future is on keeping people well in the first place and further building resilient community services that are able to support people outside of hospital as far as possible.  This is a sustainable model of care and also enables people to stay well, recover faster and achieve better outcomes than they would after a prolonged stay in hospital. More developments are planned to support this model of care.

    Useful Resources

    Mental Health Developments in Lancashire - The Journey So Far (Infographic)

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    Updated August 2017