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Prison Pharmacy

The pharmacy department at HMP Garth supplies medication to service users in HMP Garth, HMP Wymott, HMP Preston and HMP Hindley.  Pharmacy staff also visit the wings and healthcare facilities at HMP Garth, HMP Wymott, HMP Preston, HMP Kirkham and HMYOI Lancaster Farms to support prison staff in the management of medicines.  This can include ordering of medication, supply of in-possession medication, providing advice to staff and service users about medicines and supporting health promotion campaigns within the prison service.

How to access the service

Service users can access the pharmacy team when they are on the wings and in healthcare.  They can also ask other staff to arrange for a visit by the team if they have specific questions about medication.

Where the service is provided and how to contact us

The pharmacy dispensary is based at HMP Garth. 
Pharmacy staff are also based at HMP Preston, HMP Wymott, HMP Kirkham and and HMYOI Lancaster Farms.

Patient Information Leaflets

With our leaflets we aim to give you information about the Trust in general, our services and treatments, and to provide useful information for service users and their carers.

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