Contact the Research Team

The Research department can be contacted on 01772 773498 or (for general R&D enquiries and research submissions) or (for clinical enquiries and referrals) 

Andrew Pennington - Associate Director of R&D
Research Core Team
Katie Glickman  - Research Operations Manager
Vacant Post - R&D Facilitator
Beverley Lowe - Senior R&D Officer
Andrea Houlding - R&D Secretary
Clinical Research Team
Karen Palmer - Clinical Research Nurse Manager
Kelly Wigglesworth - Clinical Research Nurse
Kerry Ward - Clinical Research Nurse
Liana Dunn - Clinical Research Nurse
Emma Hooper - Research Practitioner
Dan Pulford - Clinical Studies Officer
Katie Hall - Clinical Studies Officder
Aleen Syed - Clinical Studies Officer
Penny Foster - Clinical Studies Officer
Polly Bidwell - Clinical Studies Officer
Izzy Wilson - Clinical Studies Support Officer
Research Assistants (grant funded)
Tim Rawcliffe
Paul Dawson
Farah Lunat
Nadeem Gire
Sue Flowers
Lizzie Collinge

The main aims of the Research Department at LCFT are to:

  • Govern research projects i.e. making sure all projects have the correct approvals/permissions (ethics and trust) before starting, are feasible to take place in the Trust and will benefit the Trust
  • Provide advice to researchers both external and internal to the Trust. With regards to submitting for Trust permission or any other queries regarding submission and ethics
  • Increase the amount of research projects carried out in the Trust by actively approaching the local research networks and the research national portfolio database to assess if we are able to become a research site. This provides our services with an opportunity to take part in a wider range of national high quality research, which can make a positive difference to their service users and carers
  • Increase the number of participants into research studies making sure that every service user and carer has the opportunity to take part in research in the Trust. We are doing this by promoting the benefits and importance of research to the services so they will assist with the recruitment into studies
  • Reducing permission times for projects making it easier for researchers to carry out research in the Trust and therefore attracting high quality research from industry and across the country
  • Increase the amount of funding grant applications that are submitted for research funding and assisting Trust researchers with this process
  • Provide leadership for staff wishing to transform innovative ideas into viable propositions that will make a positive difference to service user’s lives.
  • Bring in innovative ideas from outside bodies and adapt them to LCFT's requirements
  • Work with 3rd parties to develop innovative services and products
The Trust participates in portfolio research (i.e. high quality, competitively funded research) and student research only. All other types of research must be discussed with the Research Team before hand.

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