Who Is The Early Intervention Service For?

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    Who is the Early Intervention Service for?

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    To be eligible for the service all 3 of the following criteria need to be met:

    1 - Age 14-35 (up to 36th birthday)

    2 - Registered with a Lancashire GP OR living in the Trust area without a local GP, for example, attending a local university, in a local prison, or homeless

    3 - Psychotic symptoms that meet one of the following criteria

    a - first presentation with psychotic symptoms OR
    b - in the first two years of treatment for these problems (if symptoms have been experienced for three or more years, the Early Intervention Service is not suitable for you) OR assessed as having minor psychotic (or psychotic like) experiences  which may escalate to become troubling.

    Please follow this link for information about referral into the Early Intervention Service