A Chat With Caroline

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    Introduction and thank you - 00:42
    Caroline's experience so far - 01:46
    How do we improve? - 03:25
    Clinical Priorities - 04:12
    Working with partners - 05:55
    Future direction for our Trust - 06:18
    CQC - 07:12
    National Strategy - 07:50
    Welcome to staff from Cumbria - 08:47
    Caroline answers your questions
    Q1 Retiring - 10:10
    Q2 NTW Report - 11:27
    Q3 Smokefree - 13:36
    Q4 Recycling - 14:53
    Thank you and submit your questions - 15:45

    The questions submitted in full

    Questions Submitted for Episode 1

    Question 1

    Was your previous Trust smoke free and if so could you share how this was achieved?

    Question 2

    After reading the NTW report, I agree for me as a Nurse it was difficult to read, however I absolutely agreed with every part of it and in some ways gave me validation for my thoughts and feelings over the last 2 years. The report identified specifically the risk averse culture we currently operate in especially with therapeutic risk taking and structured professional judgement. I could not agree more with this point and I could digress. I suppose my point is, will we be as a trust going forward focussing on equipping our staff with the training and knowledge they need in regards to managing risk (and I don’t just mean STORM which is primarily around suicidality) as you know risk is much more than that. I was previously the risk trainer for the trust however this was not continued and was not allowed to embed within the organisation. Risk is our core business within mental health and staff need the skills and support to change the way they work and to afford alternatives to our service users in regard to hospital admissions.

    Question 3

    I email slightly early as I retire this week. I would like to highlight an issue regarding  retention and retire opportunities.

    I retire this week after 35years as an RMN and 16 of those years as a band 7 ward manager , my current role is manager of the 136 suite at the Harbour .I offered to retire and return which was initially agreed  by Zuber Patel at band 7 then re tracted due to changing the establishment of the suite to lower band staff to 5’s and band 4’s Associate practioner. I was then offered a band 5 to work in the suite after I have managed the suite for 3 years. I declined this offer as I feel this would not be the best use of my skills and experience for me or LCFT. No alternative post has been suggested to me. Currently out of an establishment of 6 RMN’s , when I retire  it will leave one RMN on the suite .We staff that have left since January have not been recruited into . My concern is in today’s times of 39,000 shortage of nursing nationally and under establishment of not just RMN;s at the Harbour but experienced RMN ;s at the Harbour. why are we letting experienced staff walk out of the door that have offered to retire and return? I am aware  that 136 suites are very  topical with CQC and following the Northumberland Tyne and Wear Review. I feel passionately regarding mental health nursing and how we value are staff as a Trust .I care deeply about the Harbour andI was on the design team for the unit commencing in 2006. I do hope that you will explore my concerns , and sincerely hope that LCFT does all it can to attract retire and returns and use their skills appropriately. I would have also hoped I would have had an exit interview prior to retirement , but sadly not. I have attached my personal E mail address as I will have retired prior to you seeing this.

    Question 4

    Responsibility for recycling do we recycle non confidential paper and could we have an alternative to medical wipes that could be recycled?