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28 August 2019

With Caroline this week are Lee Morgan, Staff-side Chair, and Russell Patton, Director of Operations. The topic this week is Locality Working Structure.

CQC - 00:58
Partnerships - 03:16
Health & Safety Executive Visit - 05:00
New Executive Directors - 05:45
Locality Working Structure - 06:21
Question 1 - 13:10

Your Questions

Question 1

We have just gone through a lengthy admin review within the Mental Health Network which resulted in the Band 6 and Band 5 leadership staff working across more than one locality.

Has any consideration been given into how this restructure into locality working will affect the admin managers not only in the Mental Health Network but CYP and C & W?

Caroline - I would urge you to come to one of the workshops we are holding then we can hear your views fully. I have heard about the review which happened before I started. Admin staff are essential and the work we are doing with NTW could demonstrate that we might need more, we have to get skills in the right place.

Lee Morgan – Staff side are aware of this review, I am very conscious that there is a trend of never ending change, we need to learn lessons and not restructure for the sake. This goes back to the impact on support service, there is concern about how staff are made to feel, and we need to learn from this. We have a different approach now and are more involved and it is useful to hear about the engagement sessions.

Russell - There will be many ways that we will be seeking feedback from staff, online Q&As will be put in place and a you said we did approach.

This is more than a structural change, it affects work life balance, people’s happiness at work so we need to do this in the right way so that people feel listened to. I’ve never worked in an organisation that doesn’t have a never ending review of admin. We are doing this review following a number of consultations. Admins have a real role to play in success of the organisation, opportunly we were talking about the value of admin and clerical at Execs yesterday, they can bring a lot to the party.

Lee – last time was more about CIP-ing and saving money, this time it is more about improving the way we are working and more staff might be needed.

Caroline - Significant change, this is about us working in a locality model, big change programme which is about us looking at pathways and how they are responding to service users and carers, in partnership with NTW, this will start with what skills do we need to deliver the services across a pathway.

Russell - Strategic alliance with NTW, well respected provider of MH LD neuro, CQC outstanding, Russell is on secondment from there, need to rec that they cannot instruct how things need to be here. But they can work with transformation teams to look at what can change, the concepts and make things better for people we serve, two particular areas we are looking at.

Firstly, How we can strengthen bed management services. Secondly, large scale change work in Pennine Lancashire.

Large scale change PL, agreed with ICS colleagues that we focus attention in this area first, run through patient journey from 1st contact, treatment and discharge. This will be co-produced work with SU and large range of partners. 12-18mth programme which we can then pick up and drop into other ICPs.

Different ways you can get involved, feedback system to be set up, working group to be set up.