CASC Training

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    CASC Practical

    To support our core trainees with their preparations for the CASC exam, we run two mock sessions, one in July and another in December. The sessions operate under exam conditions, using CASC examiners where possible, and experienced simulated patients. These sessions are free for the candidates.

    The session is a full afternoon consisting of 8 stations and trainees receive comprehensive feedback about their performance after each station from the patients as well as the examiners. 

    Assessment is based upon the criteria which will be used in the exam, so participants receive a good benchmark of their level of preparedness for the exam, and guidance for areas that need improvement.

    Higher trainees are encouraged to take the lead in the preparation and running of the mock for their own development. They also participate as observers at the stations, which gives them an insight into the role of the examiner, and they provide additional feedback and support for their junior colleagues.

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