The LCFT Innovation Incubator


The LCFT Innovation Incubator

Innovation at LCFT is about taking a new approach to our work which will result in an improvement in quality, a reduction in cost and/or a time saving.

Innovation is vital to LCFT’s aspirations and we need to make Innovation part of everyone’s day to day work. The Innovation Incubator will help achieve this by:

  • Putting out regular calls for innovative ideas
  • Providing every idea received with a plan of action
  • Choosing 10 ideas every 6 months which will be focussed on via the Incubator
  • Providing Executive focus for Innovators and their ideas
  • Providing training and advice on Innovation from the Incubator Partners
  • Identifying funding and/or related external organisations to further pursue Innovations
  • Hosting monthly Incubator breakfasts with LCFT Board Members, Incubator Partners and the LCFT Innovation Team

The video below provides our staff with an introduction and guidance on how to get involved.