Working at Lancashire Care is so much more than just a job. We’re lucky to have a diverse workforce who are passionate about providing the best service and care possible for our patients and their families.

Providing High Quality Care 

Improving waiting times for children and young people 
Our Children’s Psychological Services in East Lancashire set up a brand new Psychological Advice and Consultation Service for children and young people who are referred to their service. The aim of this was to reduce waiting times and ensure that children were receiving the appropriate level of support to meet their needs. Children are assessed and either offered an appointment the following week or offered advice and signposting to appropriate resources. This has meant that a larger number of children have had access to a timely psychological intervention which has led to positive outcomes for them and their families. 

Raising awareness of the prevalence of sepsis in the community 
One of our District Nursing Sisters, Joanne Jones, wrote an article on how Sepsis can be prevented, identified and managed effectively by adopting early warning scores and screening tools as the prevalence of sepsis acquired in the community is rapidly increasing. Joanne worked alongside her colleague Heather Jackson, District Nursing Sister, who was involved in the introduction and pilot of early warning score tools in the Trust and educating staff on the use of the tools to enable quick detection of sepsis for a fast, effective, and timely intervention. Joanne produced a comment piece as part of her Community Specialist Practitioner qualification at university and this was published in the British Journal of Community Nursing!

Demonstrating Excellence  

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Silver Award for supporting school nurses 

Congratulations to our Communications and Engagement Team who collected a silver award in the prestigious Chartered Institute of Public Relations Awards for a social media campaign that they ran to raise the profile of School Nurses. The campaign highlighted the amazing, people-centred work that the school nurse service offers and helped to encourage people from outside the Trust to come and work for us.

Shortlisted for supporting people to be cared for closer to home 
The Finance Department and mental health network have also been shortlisted for a national Healthcare Financial Management Award for the work that they have done to reduce out of area placements by developing enhanced community services to reduce out of area placements. This has resulted in an increase in quality for people accessing our mental health services and has also released an efficiency. The winner will be announced at a ceremony in London in December.

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Listed in Top 50 UK Employers 

We have been listed as one of The UK’s Top 50 Employers for our commitment to demonstrating a diverse and inclusive workplace, two years in a row! Compiled by a dedicated panel of judges, the list has been collated based on organisations’ performance on a range of areas within the diversity arena including recruitment procedures, training and other diversity related initiatives. Emma Allen, Equality and Diversity Project Manager is delighted that the Trust has been listed and is also celebrating being shortlisted for the Head of Diversity and Inclusion Award. More information about the list can be found at 

Supporting Each Other  

Schwartz Rounds 
Our Schwartz Rounds enable all staff to come together regularly to discuss the emotional and social aspects of working in healthcare. Lots of staff find these to be a useful opportunity to share stories with a mix of teams and have conversations in a setting that is not usually possible. A recent round was held with the theme of financial pressures which enabled clinical and non-clinical teams to share their experiences of how this was impacting them and how they could support each other better. 

Getting protected 
We’re lucky to have so many caring and compassionate members of staff who are going out of their way to get protected from the flu virus. Over 40% of our teams have now been protected against the flu virus and the number just keeps on increasing. Our staff recognise that getting the flu jab not only helps protect themselves from getting unwell but it helps to protect patients, friends, families and anyone else they come into contact with.