Liaison and Diversion Service

The Liaison and Diversion Service works within the Adult Mental Health Network within Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust.  Traditionally services have focused on adults with identified mental health needs; however the service is now commissioned in line with the National Liaison & Diversion Operational Model; which is an ‘all age (10yrs onwards), all vulnerabilities model’ intended to improve the health and justice outcomes for adults and children who come into contact with the youth and criminal justice systems where a range of complex health and social care needs are identified as factors in their offending behaviour.

Our services are delivered primarily within Police Custody Suites and Magistrates Courts across Lancashire; Blackburn, Blackpool, Burnley, Lancaster, Preston and Skelmersdale and also Cumbria; Barrow, Carlisle and Workington. 

The key principle of the service is that where identified, people of all ages in contact with the youth and criminal justice systems are screened; and where appropriate assessed or referred for assessment, so that those with mental health problems, learning disabilities, cognitive disorders, substance misuse problems and other vulnerabilities are identified as soon as possible in the justice pathway. Those in contact with the youth or criminal justice systems as a result of being suspected of having committed a criminal offence are, where appropriate, referred to appropriate services including, but not limited to, mental and physical healthcare, social care, substance misuse treatment and safeguarding. 

The remit of the service is to undertake assessments in criminal justice settings for persons who have been arrested, and dependent upon the outcome of the assessment, the practitioner will either facilitate the diversion of the individual away from the criminal justice system and into health care, alternatively the person will be referred on to other services that will provide support or care whilst they continue to be dealt with by the criminal justice system. We also provide court related services which provide greater support to the magistrates and access to mental health services for those persons who find themselves before the court. We are developing processes that would also put in place the option to the court to utilise Mental Health Treatment Requirement Orders.

How to access the service

All our referrals are received from within the Criminal Justice Agency settings; Police Custody Suites and the Courts.

We accept referrals from any Criminal Justice Agency, Solicitors, Health Providers, Substance Misuse Services, Concerned or Interested Person and Self-referral.

All assessed persons who are in need of further interventions will be referred by the team to other appropriate services utilising existing care pathways for those services which could include Hospital Admission, Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team, Step 2 or 3 Primary Care Services, Substance Misuse Services, Prison Health Care Services, Third Sector or Voluntary agency Services and GP Services.

Where this service is provided

The Criminal Justice Liaison and Diversion Service is predominantly an Agile Service with services being delivered out of Police Custody Suites and Courts.

Central Lancashire: Preston and Skelmersdale Police Stations and Magistrates Courts

East Lancashire: Blackburn and Burnley Police Stations and Magistrates Courts

North Lancashire:  Blackpool and Lancaster Police Stations and Magistrates Courts

Cumbria: Carlisle, Workington and Barrow Police Stations and Magistrate Courts

How to contact us

The administrative support teams are located in the areas below, all post should be clearly marked for the attention of the Liaison & Diversion Service. Office hours are 8am until 4pm.

Central Service
West Strand House
Block C
West Strand
Tel: 01772 647156

East Service
Daisyfield Mill
Appleby Street
Tel: 07960 858024

North Service
The Gateway
Blackpool Stadium
Seasiders Way
Tel: 01253 951773

Cumbria Service
Carlisle Police Station
Brunel Way
Tel: 07940 462812


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