Medical Bank

The Trust is actively working on the implementation of a Trust Medical Bank which will operate in a similar way to its Nursing/Nursing Assistant, Community/AHP and Admin/Clerical Bank activities. 

The Medical Bank will allow Trust Medics the opportunity to self-book into shifts/duties which suit their personal preferences via the same mobile site/app which they use for leave requests and already view their existing rosters. 

The main benefits to Staff:

  • Substantive Medics will get first choice access to shifts weeks in advance via mobile website/app
  • Weekly pay at competitive rates
  • Exposure to varied opportunities
  • Supports career development


To the NHS and the Trust:

  • Keep money within the NHS and its workforce


To Patients:

  • Continuity and quality of care
  • Fewer rota 'gaps' 
  • Shorten time between requirement for care and delivery of that care requirement


The project is focussing on three main areas at present in order of priority:

  • Mental Health Act Assessment/Section 12 Work
  • Short Term/Ad-Hoc rota gaps 
  • Long term vacancies


To contact the team for more information, apply to join the Medical Bank either internally or externally or download the app please use the links below:

Want to join? Email:

Find out more on our website:


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