Medical Educators Conference

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    Medical Educators’ Conference

    December 2016 saw the launch of our extremely successful first Conference, where speakers who are the leading edge of developments in core training delivered presentations about the direction of travel in Psychiatry.

    We were privileged to receive and broadcast an inspirational message from the Dean of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Dr Kate Lovett and proud to have as our Keynote Speakers, Dr Wendy Burn (who will become President of the Royal College in June 2017) and Dr Gareth Cuttle, who spoke about the work of the Gatsby Wellcome Neuroscience Project, which is aimed at reworking the core training curriculum for psychiatry trainees.

    Consultants and Higher Trainees from all areas of the Trust came together for a morning of interesting presentations, and an afternoon of stimulating and informative workshops. The event also provided a great opportunity for networking and meeting colleagues from other areas and sharing ideas.

    We will soon be planning this year’s event, so if you have any suggestions for a theme, or workshop topics, or even a Keynote speaker, we’d love to hear from you.

    Please contact Jacqui Welding, Medical Education Manager on 01772 773574 or by emailing