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Education, training and Development

Welcome to our Training Pages 

We have all trained in Medicine to become good Doctors who can make a difference to the lives of our patients.

In Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust we are firmly of the view that in order to do so and to attract good Consultants we must focus on the training of our junior doctors.

Fortunately, we have a highly motivated and enthusiastic Medical Education Team.

We provide training for FY doctors (4 schemes), GP trainees, Core Psychiatry trainees and ST doctors in addition to medical students from Lancaster, Mersey and Manchester. We soon will also provide Psychiatry training for Physician Associates.

We are keen to continuously improve and received a positive Monitoring visit from HEE NW in June 2016.

We have a strong focus on improving trainee experience in individual posts via individual post feedback and trainer development (we hold an annual Educator’s Conference and are designing with our neighbouring Trusts a Clinical and Educational Supervisors course for new consultants and to update those already in post) 

The pages below are part of an evolving project to give an overview of the opportunities available with us.

Have a look through and do get in touch with any suggestions which are always very welcome.

Best wishes

Dr Richard Morgan

Director of Medical Education & Deputy Medical Director
Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust

PA - Andrea Simpson

01772 773513 



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