Consultant Development Programme

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    Consultant Development Programme

    We are offering all consultants joining the Trust in their first substantive consultant role, or those who have been in a substantive role for two years or less elsewhere, the opportunity to join the next cohort of a development programme unique to Lancashire Care.

    This is a two year work based learning course that will result in a Post Graduate Certificate from an established top 10 university. 

    This programme fits within the Trust’s overall leadership framework developed with the King’s Fund, and complements the Startwell initiative provided by the Royal College of Psychiatrists for new consultants.

    This bespoke programme builds on undergraduate and postgraduate training to support newly appointed consultants ‘attachment’ to the organisation and support the transition to a leading consultant.  


    For further information contact: 
    Tania Derbyshire
    Angela Maclennan 
    Dr Richard Morgan


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