Mental Health Decision Unit North

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    Mental Health Decision Unit North

    The Mental Health Decision Unit North is a community service which consists of 4 chairs, providing support for up to 23 hours. This Unit is not an inpatient unit and is a service aimed at providing a short term safe therapeutic environment where people in crisis can have further assessment, who initially present at the A&E department at Blackpool Victoria Hospital. 

    The Mental Health Decision Unit North is located on the Blackpool Victoria Hospital site on the ground floor within the Urgent Care Department.

    The Mental Health Decision Unit North is a 24/7 facility that provides an alternative pathway for people requiring urgent mental health on-going assessment and experiencing mental health difficulties in crisis. The unit is staffed by Richmond Fellowship, Crisis Recovery Workers and with support of staff, people can think through the nature of the crisis and about the help they need to recover both short and long term. The Unit will provide a safe environment for those in mental health crisis and will allow our staff to constantly assess and support the person.   

    Transfers into the Mental Health Decision Unit North are agreed by Mental Health Liaison Team after a Mental Health Triage Assessment is completed within the A&E Department. After Transfer the Mental Health Liaison Team will complete a full Health and Social Needs Assessment and Risk Assessment with the comfort and safety of the Mental Health Decision Unit North.

    During the time on the unit, a recovery plan will be formulated and put in place which will be developed through liaison with other services. This plan can include referring to appropriate in-patient services, or be transferred back to the community and where appropriate with a community support plan.