Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (PWP)

PWP Treatment

What will a PWP do:
Support you to identify unhelpful thoughts, habits and behaviours which are contributing to how you feel
Offer ways to change these in order to improve your mood
Support you to engage with self-help materials in order to improve your wellbeing
Encourage you to practice learning from each session for in-between session work or homework 
Signpost you to other helpful agencies and services
What will treatment be like:

Up to 6 sessions including an initial assessment session
30 minutes long
Same therapist each session
Sessions are approximately every 2-3 weeks
Think of the therapist as the personal trainer and you are the athlete! You will need to commit to practicing skills between sessions in order for treatment to be effective
Commitment is required: If more than two appointments are cancelled or not attended, clients may be discharged
It is important to consider the following in order to decide whether PWP treatment is right for you at this time:

Is this the right time for treatment? What makes it important to access support now?

Do you use alcohol and/or drugs to manage your feelings? Getting support to reduce your intake and develop other coping strategies will be crucial in order to be able to make use of treatment.

What would you like to have gained at the end of your sessions? What would be most useful to focus on? And how can you make the best use of the sessions? 
If you have had PWP treatment before what was most helpful? And was there anything you felt needed to be different? What would help you make the most of PWP treatment in the future?
Consider all these questions and if you feel that this is the right time for you to access PWP treatment, then we will be in touch with an appointment as soon as one becomes available.  

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