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    National Child Measuring Programme

    The NCMP was established in 2005, and involves the annual weighing and measuring of all eligible children in reception year and Year 6 at state-maintained primary and middle schools including academies. Local delivery of the programme was previously overseen by PCTs, and from April 2013, following reforms to the NHS and public health system, the programme became a public health function of local authorities, with the surveillance elements being mandated.

    The NCMP's initial core purpose was to gather local-level surveillance data on child weight status across England. This was extended in 2008 to provide parents with feedback on their child's weight status. National evaluation and research have consistently shown that parents want to receive their child's result, and sharing a child's weight status with their parent is an effective mechanism for raising awareness of the potential associated health consequences. It also gives parents the opportunity to seek further advice and support if they want it. (Public Health England 2014) 

    Please see links below if you require any further information, or contact your local school health team who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  

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