Perinatal Care and Treatment

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    Perinatal Care and Treatment

    Ribblemere offers joint hospital admissions for women and their babies where a mother is suffering from a mental health problem, and appropriate treatment and care cannot be provided at home. The unit also accepts admissions of women in the latter stages of pregnancy.

    The exact nature of the treatment that is provided will differ for each patient depending on the nature of their difficulties, and is decided upon jointly between the patient and the multi-disciplinary team. This treatment will be detailed in a care plan which is written and kept up to date as things change throughout the admission. Some of the specific treatments available on the unit are:

    • Medical treatment 
    • Psychological Therapy including 1:1 and parent-infant approaches
    • Groups to help you bond with your baby
    • Infant massage 
    • Occupational therapy
    • Relaxation
    • Anxiety management    


    During admission mothers are supported by staff to provide as much care to their baby as they are able to. It is common for mothers to need a high level of support when first admitted and therefore may initially be a member of staff with baby at all times.