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Personality Disorders Managed Clinical Network

The Personality Disorders Managed Clinical Network (PDMCN) is a specialist service for people aged sixteen and above. The PDMCN supports people who have complex needs arising from personality difficulties. This means they can have difficulty managing emotions, experience relationship difficulties and have difficulty problem solving. People may experience unrelenting crisis and have a limited range of coping strategies.

The PDMCN offers support to people who reside in Lancashire and are under the care of secondary mental health services.

The PDMCN provides and supports specialist psychological interventions that are NICE compliant such as Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Structured Clinical Management. The PDMCN also provides an alternative to hospital admission through the Acute Therapy Service (ATS).

The PDMCN offers the support of a specialist personality disorders practitioner to each Community Mental Health Team within Lancashire.

Referrals to the PDMCN for support can be made by a persons care coordinator from the community mental health team (CMHT) or complex care and treatment team (CCaTT).