Frequently Asked Questions

Who We Can Help?

We see children with a huge range of problems or conditions. Sometimes only one appointment is necessary, sometimes we are involved with children from birth to adulthood. 

For example children may need help with:
Long term neurological and developmental conditions e.g. Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy
Concerns with walking 
Concerns with balance and co-ordination
Delayed movement skills e.g. sitting, rolling, walking
Musculo-skeletal injuries, joint pain

Paediatric Physiotherapists have a holistic approach to treatment, which means looking at the child’s physical and mental well-being together, not in isolation. Assessment and treatment is to promote independence and help every child achieve their potential. 

Who can refer?

  • GPs 
  • Consultants and community paediatricians 
  • Healthcare professionals 
  • Schools 
  • Parents


How Can We Help?

Our interventions include:

  • Providing information and advice for parents/carers and other service providers (eg. health, education)
  • Providing activity programmes and ways of supporting the child in different environments. This intervention may be carried out in partnership with parents/carers and others involved in the child's well-being following the physiotherapist’s recommendations 
  • Recommendation of specialist equipment to support functional skills and learning 
  • Involvement with educational and transition planning with regards to mobility
  • Direct therapy with the child individually or in a group


How long will my child have to wait to be seen?

While we aim to see every child in a timely manner, we do have a waiting list. If the referral meets our service criteria the case is either placed on our waiting list or allocated to a Physiotherapist depending on urgency, which is determined by level of risk.

What Will Be Expected of You

We ask parent/carers that you bring your child to all the appointments agreed. Goals and programmes will be agreed with the child (where possible) and parents/carers.  Any programmes or recommendations need to be supported at home by the family for a successful outcome.

My English is limited, can I have an interpreter?

An interpreter can be arranged for you. If you would like this service then please contact the Physiotherapy Department as soon as possible so this can be arranged to coincide with your appointment.

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