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This Stylist Listens

The ‘This Stylist Listens’ project aims to make wellbeing everyone’s business by encouraging and supporting hairdressers and barbers to have better conversations.

‘This Stylist Listens’ sessions provide the opportunity for salons to learn about mental health, wellbeing and communication styles, as well as providing information about support available to enable you to signpost your clients to the right people at the right time.

The project intends to remove barriers that often prevent people from accessing the support they need by moving the entry point of help from NHS buildings to places in the community that people live, work and play. Having conversations is part of everyone’s daily life and, by offering a more open and inviting space and by making simple changes in how we communicate, we can make a big change to people’s lives.

Please visit our 'Case Studies' page to read case studies by previous participants, and our 'Videos' page to watch attendees from a ‘This Stylist Listens’ workshop talking about what they learned.

Dates of future sessions can be found below. They are free of charge and run from 10:00am to 12:00 noon.

To book, please visit www.alanhoward.co.uk/education_hair and look for the This Stylist Listens course on the page. There is a £25 reservation fee to be returned on attendance. Or you can contact us directly by emailing Lewis.Smith-Connell@lancashirecare.nhs.uk. We are also able to offer bespoke sessions to salons of five staff or more on request. Just contact Lewis and we will see what we can offer.