This Stylist Listens Case Studies

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    This Stylist Listens Case Studies

    Case Study 1

    Stephanie Earnshaw, nail technician, attended a 'This Stylist Listens' workshop last year and said:

    "Although the workshop was called 'This Stylist Listens', what I learned lends itself as much to nail technicians as hairdressers. People talk to both hairdressers and nail technicians about the same sorts of things.

    "Listening to people may come naturally, but the workshop helped me to realise that you can make a difference by offering an extra ear. You can listen for triggers in conversations, because people find themselves saying things to hairdressers and nail technicians that they might not say to their friends. People sometimes talk about where they are at and then ask me what they should do, but the approach I try to take is to nudge gently. No-one wants to be told what they should do.

    "I would definitely recommend going on a 'This Stylist Listens' workshop"

    Case Study 2

    Claire Halliwell, a beauty therapist from Croston, attended a ‘This Stylist Listens’ workshop in 2017 and said:

    “The workshop was very helpful and had really good content. It is brilliant to think that you could change a few lives by listening.

    “Clients sometimes just want to chat, or even vent, about areas in their lives they are struggling with. Going on the workshop has helped me to listen differently than before – for example, not to offer my opinion but to help people towards further guidance. The workshop gave me the strength and the right tools to do this.

    “We were given phone numbers of organisations we could point people towards. I put them on the wall of my beauty suite so that clients can look at them in their own time, for example, when they are getting changed before or after an appointment. Some of my clients have come back to me afterwards to say they found it helpful to pick these numbers up while they were with me.”