Our Values

The values represent what we as an organisation, and the individuals who make up that organisation, are about.

It is our aim that everything we do fits in with, and reinforces, these values:

  • Teamwork – share it
  • Compassion – offer it
  • Integrity – show it
  • Respect – earn it
  • Excellence – reach for it
  • Accountability – accept it


We can be true to our values by:

  • Treating people with dignity and respect
  • Caring for each other and showing compassion
  • Remaining professional at all times
  • Dressing smartly and appropriately
  • Ensuring that our work areas are clean and tidy
  • Working effectively with partners
  • Sharing good practice and celebrating success
  • Being appreciative – focusing on the positives and what is working well
  • Taking responsibility for the standard of care or service that you provide
  • Taking positive action to make improvements where you see the need

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