Occupational Therapy - What We Do

We aim to provide evidence based services to support children and young people who are experiencing difficulties with participating in developmentally appropriate activities of daily living. The service is child and family focused and works in partnership with the individual, their family and with any other relevant professionals involved in their care. The service aims to optimise levels of engagement with activities of daily living that are meaningful and of importance to the child/young person and their family, thus improving quality of life and wellbeing. 

The overall care pathway for Occupational Therapy involves: 

  • Request for involvement
  • Assessment of need
  • Discussion of short and long term goals with parties involved where difficulties are identified 
  • Episodes of Occupational Therapy intervention with ongoing monitoring of progress towards goals 
  • Reassessment at key times 
  • Discharge or transition to self-management/other forms of care


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