When Can You Expect To Receive Health Care from your School Nursing Team

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    When Can You Expect To Receive Health Care from your School Nursing Team

    There are 4 levels of service that we can offer for Children, Young People and their families:

    1. Community
    2. Universal
    3. Universal Plus
    4. Universal Partnership Plus

    1 - Community

    We work with schools and local communities to look at health needs and work together to address these needs

    2 - Universal

    • We offer support through transition from Health Visiting to School Nursing services for all children. 
    • Every child has opportunity to participate in the National Child Measurement Programme in Reception and Year 6. 
    • We review the health and wellbeing of children in years Reception, Year 6 and Year 9, by asking parents and childrren, who are old enough, to complete a confidential health questionnaire delivered as part of the School Health Needs Assessment process.
    • There is a named School Nurse for every School
    • Young People aged 11-19 have access to our Text Messaging Service ChatHealth
    • Routine vaccinations


    3 - Universal Plus   

    We offer extra support to some families which we call ‘Universal Plus’ – this gives a response from your school nursing team when you need specific expert help. For example support around emotional health, advice around sexual health, support for families with children with a long term health condition or additional health needs.


    4 - Universal Partnership Plus

    We work together with other local services such as schools, GP’s, Youth Services, Children Centres, Social Workers and Mental Health Staff to deliver ongoing support which we call Universal Partnership Plus. At this level we support families to deal with more complex issues over a period of time.


    Please follow this link for details of your local team